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We’re a small business but we’ve grown by over 150% YoY in the three years since we started. That growth is due to the people in the company - which for an agency isn’t surprising. We’re not selling technology or licenses. We sell our ability to help our clients solve problems through our knowledge.

Whenever someone new joins the team it’s important they have the following attributes:
Since Covid it's become clear that what we achieve is far more important than sitting at a desk 9-5. Because we don’t have a formal office location we're able to give our team a fair amount of flexibility.
25 Days Holiday
Plus one paid day's holiday a month to spend on a charitable activity (you don’t have to - but if you want to you can).
Certification & Training.
We believe in putting our team through practical certifications with the likes of Google and LinkedIn. If there’s a training course you want to do that’s relevant then budget-permitting we’ll pay for it.
Work Life Balance.
We offer flexible working hours, a zero email access policy before 8am and after 7pm, and insist on no weekend working (no matter how big the client pitch is).
Extreme Flexibility Around Parental Leave.
We will pay full salary for four months to primary carers taking time off. We will give secondary carers in our employ one month extra paid leave. We will also offer a 3 day working week at 80% pay to primary carers for 12 months and secondary carers for 6 months.

Let’s work together

We don’t believe that team building is about putting a bank card behind a bar. We don’t mind staff going for drinks together but as a rule our company will be breaking the cycle of alcoholism that exists in the agency world. We will offer great incentives for hard work and we will also provide as much training and support as you need to succeed with us. 

If you want to work for an agency where every staff member is a marketer first, and an account manager second, fill out this form along with a short covering note and we’ll be in touch. 

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